Money Saving Edmund

A short information video from Edmund Chesterfield on money saving tips. Created for the HR department at the College of West Anglia by Media students James Stewart, Nathan Wells, Brodie Rake and Will Smith. Voiceover by Liam Bishopp....
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Crazy Beautiful Life

A reality web series created by Conor Nash. Watch as Conor, Louise, Lauren, Nicole, Emily, Daisy, Chris and Alex make a dynamic group of individuals with every piece of individuality coming together to create what is a Crazy Beautiful Life. Keep checking back for the latest episodes!   Chapter 4...
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Paul Wilson Showreel 2012

My name is Paul Wilson. I am a very kind friendly, reliable and approachable person, whom of which has a keen eye on perfection. As well as this I am very creative and like to think of imaginative things to do in my spare time; i.e. making short films for...
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