YouTube videos in your portfolio

How to include YouTube videos in your portfolio.

1. Create a new portfolio and save it as a draft.

2. Go to an existing portfolio, copy the “video file” code. It looks like the line below, but has square brackets around it…..

(video file=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ color=”black”)

Then paste it in to your draft portfolio.

3. Find the YouTube video you wish to include in your Springboard TV portfolio.

4. Copy URL (either by right clicking on the video or picking it from address bar).

5. Paste the URL in to the the “video file” code.  (video file=”paste the url here” width=”640″ height=”360″ color=”black”)

6. You need to make sure you have the part of the URL for every YouTube video you wish to include…. In the case above  kVkla1N9tpQ is the video name…. you will need that too… The full link, when copied from youtube maybe Make sure you do not use the  &feature=player_detailpage part of the link.

7. Save your portfolio, preview it, then (if all is well) publish it.

I am sure there are simpler ways of embedding YouTube videos, but this seems to get around a number of YouTube embedding restrictions, ads and so on…



NB. This portfolio also contains IMDB linked content. See custom fields in the editor to see how its done……

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  1. paul says:

    I notice that this portfolio loads quite slowly, I am sure that it is due to the IMdB plug-in. Manama na.

  2. Now there is no excuse for incorrectly added videos!
    Also nice to see a bit of conversation going in the comments…

  3. Anthony says:

    l agree. maybe there should be more tutorials available on the site 😉

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