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As the title suggests the party must end eventually, this is very apt as the annual celebration of Carnival came to a close being the end of a very long weekend that was both exciting for everyone in this area of Germany but at the same time shattering, with party’s going on all day and night long around the city. Myself, Callum and Karolina all knew that with the end of this mini break from everything that the hard work would be beginning very soon.

As Wednesday morning was back to usual business we cracked on after all meeting at the college and got to finishing the film schedule saying which scenes were the ones being filmed here in Germany and what dates we were going to film them (Film Schedule below.) We constructed the filming schedule so that the longest scenes or shoots that would take a bit of time to get to the locations to be shot on the Fridays as we have all day to film on Fridays whereas the other scenes we can only shoot at odd times due to the German students time tables.

Dates and times for filming
Thursday 11th February -Train scenes
Friday 12th February -Corridor scene before meeting director
-Corridor scene after meeting director
-Bus scene
Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th February – film festival crowed scenes
Monday 15th February -Anna’s bedroom
-Julies bedroom scene
-Run in the park scene
Tuesday 16th February-End scene in the film centre
Friday 19th February -food court
Monday 22nd February -Street in Germany
Tuesday 23rd February -convention centre
Wednesday 24th February -directors lounge
Friday 26th February -pre festival party

On Thursday we spent the morning on a guided tour of the beautiful cathedral in the centre Cologne, learning about the history of what has happened there over time, the fact that it took over six hundred years to finish and that it still is never finished due to repairs.A cool thing about the cathedral in Cologne is that after world war two when bombs had destroyed some of the stained glass windows they weren’t replaced with the standard stained glass that comes to mind with religious figures that comes to mind, but instead a local modern artist was asked to design them to make the cathedral look more modernised, he did this free of charge and his design looks much like pixels on a broken computer. Once the tour was over we explored the city of cologne and what it had to offer…… this ended up in us getting some food and looking in shops so not a lot of exploring.When at the train station waiting for our train back to Bonn we decided to make the most of our time and film the Train scene which only involved Callum so it made sense to do it now! For this scene we got a shot of Callum coming up an escalator and waiting for the train at the platform and then a shot of the train coming in behind him. While on the train we shot his side of the conversation with Julie from different angles including a mid shot and over the shoulder shot. not long after filming this we pulled into Bonn train station and went our separate ways off to our host families signalling the end off the first day of filming.

On Friday we met up in the morning at the college with all of the German students and were ready to film the three scenes we had planned for the today,That is until we found out the college here has no boom mic and while Fabian has his own at home we were not able to have one today due to here living to far away to just pop home and get it. So instead of filming the scenes we had planned and have a bad audio quality we rearranged the filming schedule and filmed the scenes that required no dialogue meaning that we wouldn’t need great audio music will be placed over the top later on. So we still filmed the Bus scene as it requires no audio, however we have moved the two corridor scenes to the next week and instead filmed the running through the park scene and the street scene. for these scenes we made sure to do a few takes to get it right and also from different angles so that we would have a variety to choose from at a later date when editing. overall I feel like even though the day started off like we wouldn’t be able to film a lot due to the microphone we adapted well to what we were given and most importantly got footage that was needed. Over the weekend me and Callum are planning to go back to the train station and redo the train station scene to perfect it now that we have a better idea of what we want, meanwhile Karolina will be in Berlin with her host family going to a film festival which she will be filming some crowed scenes as its the perfect opportunity to do so.

Over the weekend myself and Callum had not a lot to do due to the fact that all pre production had been finished and put out of the way and we didn’t film on weekends, so basically we did a lot of procrastinating to pass the time. Although I did go over the footage we had filmed Friday to make sure that all of the footage we had would be usable,im glad I did this as i found that the footage of Anna on the bus was very unbalanced so would need to be refilmed when possible. Over the weekend doing a bit more productive work was Karolina who while at a film festival in Berlin with her host family had recorded the crowed scenes that we would need for cut aways as she might as well due to her being in the right place to do so.

A new week began on Monday and so did a very busy day of filming, we discovered that it was not possible to film Annas bedroom scene on this particular day so we moved the schedule around and instead filmed the two corridor scenes, before and after they had met the director and also as we had a room available we also filmed the director’s office,these scenes took a few takes but i feel that in the end we got the right shots and a variety of them too to close them off and mark them down as finished and ticked off. After we had these scenes in the bag we got onto the next Tram and went to Julies apartment where we filmed you guessed it Julies bedroom scene, personally I feel this scene has been the best one yet regarding how easily everything was to film, we got a lot of variety for this scene shots wise including panning shots, tracking shots, shots of just her feet walking away from the camera and extreme close ups of her putting her shoes on. i later checked back on all the footage on all of the footage that we had filmed that day and all of it worded and we wouldn’t need to go back and refilm any of these scenes. Now at the end of the day as it stands we have five scenes to shoot in the remaining two weeks and one quick reshoot so i think we are way ahead of schedule and have enough days spare that if needed we can reshoot any scenes that may need to be redone. Below is an updated version of the filming schedule as it stands.

Dates and times for filming
Wednesday 17th February-Bus scene reshoot
Friday 19th February– food court
Monday 22nd February-End scene in the film centre
-Anna’s bedroom
Tuesday 23rd February-convention centre
Friday 26th February</-pre festival party

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