Germany 2016 (17th-23rd)

Welcome to this really overdue and not super indepth blogpost for the 17th to the 23rd!

As the third Wednesday rolled up, we were unable to do any productive work, with people forgetting/ being unable to turn up. So myself (Callum) Josh, and Karolina brainstormed a few ideas for shots we wanted for the next scene, then we headded home. In the evening we all gathered at an Indian restaurant as a get together, the 3 students, two of the three teachers, and a few members from our host familys, and tucked in to a (VERY SPICY) Indian meal.

On Thursday we only needed Jessica for a quick re-shoot for Anna’s tram/bus scene, however there was some miscommunication and forgetfulness which meant we didn’t get that done. So we did a bit more brainstorming before finishing for that day.

Then on friday, we finally got back to recording and got a very nice shoot of the food court scene, plenty of shots, not pushed for time, and it was a good weekend overall.

The weekend arrived and we all just did our own thing, enjoying what Germany had to offer!

Straight back to recording again on Monday! I wasnt at this shoot but some of the crew filmed Annas bedroom scene.. Josh will tell you how that went next post.

Another solid day of filming for Tuesday! We went to the Cologne Stadium to film a scene where 3 of the characters meet up together. Again this day ran very smoothly, we got everything we wanted done in time and had fun whilst doing it! Once we had done this, we set of for an adventure around Cologne!

That pretty much wraps up that week!
Sorry for the incredibly late post, I’m just a terrible person. :)

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