Germany 2016 (1-9)

Our first day at school was on the 2nd of February. We met the German students that we would be working with. Their names are – Katrin, Julie, Jessica, Fabian, and Jacqueline. We discussed the roles that each member may want to take. Fabian decided he wanted to be on camera as he owns one himself. Julie will be playing Juli and Jessica is playing Anna. Katrin and Jacqueline decided they wanted to be in charge of costumes and makeup. We briefly discussed what they had done previously in November. Our meeting for that day was very short as they had class.

The second day, which was a Wednesday – we met with the cast and crew again and had a more in-depth discussion about the project. We found that there were no locations set for this in Germany. Coming here with the knowledge that we had locations, we had to react quickly and improvise. I came up with a list of locations that we needed to film in in Germany. Most of our film shoots will take place in the school as it has a flexible environment and we are able to use the facilities there. We were told that the previous crew had costume designs, but we were not given them so we had to think of the most suitable costumes for each character. We also did a filming schedule as we had to work around the German students┬┤ timetables. Although, they have lessons, we found enough time to fit in for shooting.

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday was a very long weekend! It was like half term for everyone as school was closed due to the carnival. We made a group chat on Facebook to keep in contact and double check that everyone had the script and was definitely ok with filming on the days that we had chosen. In the evening, I spent my time with my host family as they took me out to explore and a few social events. On Sunday, we went to see a parade that was smaller than the one on Monday. I caught a lot of sweets. On Monday, we participated in the parade and had to dress up. We had to dress up as snakes. The snakes represent the financial problems of Bonn, as a bother. The float was of the new town Mayor trying to control these snakes by playing a flute. The parade was really big and we walked for about 2/3hrs. It was very fun and exciting to see something like this. I have never seen anything like this and it was a very great experience!

– Karolina

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