First Impressions of Deutschland


(Picking up the German already and it’s only been 3 days.. Ha I wish! Just replaced the E with an A to give that cultural feel.)

So we are into our first week of our month long stay in the beautiful city of Bonn. We are finally beginning to settle in with our families and I must say we couldn’t have asked for better hosts! Every one, each of us have met so far have been so lovely, friendly, helpful and caring. After only being here for a mere 72 hours we already feel so comfortable with our living environments, despite the fact we are in a completely new environment, with a completely different language and working with people we have never even met before!

I personally, have already experienced so much, such as getting used to the concept of sitting in the drivers seat but not actually driving- just weird. My life flashing before my eyes as the tram turns a corner and the food. OH THE FOOD. So so good… I don’t think I will ever want another plate of Bangers and Mash or Fish and Chips ever again. SHNITZELS EVERY DAY THANK YOU.

One thing I have noticed is the cleanliness of the City and the punctuality of the Germans. I mean, the dedication of being up at at least 5am, at LEAST 5 days a week is insane. My body is struggling, and clearly so is my eye sight after trying to put lipstick on my eyelashes this morning.

I will get used to it though… I have got to do it every day for a month (*silently sobs*). But, then again having longer days means experiencing more of the City, places surrounding and the culture of Germany itself.

The progress of our short film is coming along nicely and it is so good to see the guys every day and just get our heads down with no distractions! We have been designated with our own room for our stay and we are now connected to the internet (with an Ethernet cable can I just add.. no standard wireless Wifi in HHEK) and can crack on for the 7 hours we are at our base every day.

The characters of the short film have been the main focus for the last two days with us finding ourselves going into more detail with each character and creating a story of their own personal background. We are currently translating some work the Germans have been doing and acquiring our own English versions.

It’s only day two and so much has been seen and done by each of us personally, with work being the main focus and I have no doubt whatsoever that this once in a lifetime experience is going to continue getting better and more interesting everyday!



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