First day at HHEK (9/11/15)

We all met up at the college at 7:30am at the front of the college and were greeted by Martina who then proceeded to give us a tour of the college grounds and show us where we would be working for the next 4 weeks. We were introduced to the group of students that we would be working with to produce the treatment and shown their initial take on what the story should be. The students had written a more in depth version of our original treatment with much greater detail on the characters lives before the short film. They have focused heavily on the character development and showing where they came from before the treatment written by us. Each of the students have written their own take on the characters, writing different backstories for each of them so that’s given us a lot of possibilities for ways to take the project and put together both our ideas and theirs. We have been given our own room that we have access to so that we can work privately and got on with the project and in the end create project that combines our work with theirs to produce something we can all appreciate.

We are now in our study room and are beginning to dissect the treatments and starting to put our ideas together to incorporate their ideas with ours. We will aim to keep this updated around the same time everyday and keep everybody informed on what’s going on.


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