CWA HHEK – Scott and Foxy’s Bonn Adventure Time


Tuesday 24th February 2015

Stansted Airport 6.30am

Bacon and egg muffins and coffee. Waiting for our gate whilst a man unsuccessfully straightens his comb-over and disappears into the morning. DSLR packed, shot types planned, springboard attire on and ready for work in Germany.

Rumour has it we will have someone waiting the other end with a sign with our names on it…


B&B Hotel Bonn, Germany  8.00pm

Arrived at Heinrich Hertz Europakolleg in Bonn to a welcoming breakfast and coffee. After a quick catch up with some familiar faces we were taken on a tour of the media department where we were able to talk with tutors and staff (a few more familiar faces) about their current projects. Facilitated in a graphic design photoshop session – had a chat to students about their work and tried to learn the German for various photoshop features.

After visiting a web development class we were taken to a pre-production session in the film department where we were able to meet some of the students that our CWA students could potentially be working with.

We have agreed an itinerary for the rest of the week, and after being up since 3am will retire to our slumber ready to meet the Vice Principal of HHEK in the morgen.

Guten nacht.


Wednesday 25th February 2015

Heinrich-Hertz Europakolleg Bonn, Germany 10.00am

Had a good continental breakfast then a walk to Hauptbahnhof.  Got some footage of some interesting and controversial  graffiti on the way, then boarded a tram to HHEK, where we met again with the project team.  We were formally welcomed to the college by the Vice Principal Joachim Schneider.

We then progressed into a 4 hour creative meeting where we outlined the basic theme of a short film to be produced by both German and English students working together over a series of European exchanges.

The meeting involved the organisation of four stories, two German, two English.  Pre-production will begin in 2015, with shooting and post commencing in 2016.






Bonn Minster


Thursday 26th February 2015

Heinrich-Hertz Europakolleg Bonn, Germany 9.00am

Met with Martina and prepared classroom environment for English / Film analysis session. Scott filmed all the session in agreed style (e.g. dutch). We discussed camera shots and viewed their English film. Foxy had volunteers to demonstrate shot framing. He then showed his ‘Band of Brothers’ clip and this encouraged thought and technical discussion.


We were then chaperoned by Simone to the Media classroom. Nici had the other half of the 2nd year ready for a session. Foxy then took this session, partly in German language and English, viewing our Glamping film to emphasise the establishing of characters and the importance of a treatment. Also, Foxy taught shot type again and took questions. Some of these students were the individuals that will work on the new 2015/2016 ‘Similar’ English/German project… (without giving too much away!).

11.15am – 3.00pm

Production meeting with Martina, Stephanie, Nici, Simone, Tom, Scott and Foxy. We discussed the months required and curriculum matching required to reach the ‘Similar’ short film conclusion.






We organised in detail from September 2015 into 2016 and beyond. The project student flow between countries is now planned and the number of staff and students and equipment needed is agreed. We will now take this information to management meetings at HHEK and CWA . Many students will have the opportunity to experience European Film apprenticeship and create European CVs for their future careers.

The hospitality of our German colleagues is off the scale! We have a lot to live up to back in England. Danke.

The tutors here are inspiring and talented… for instance… here is Martina’s painting of Koln… note the understanding in the detail of shadow and light.







 Friday 27th February 2015 


Bonn – 9.00am

Scott and Foxy meet at hotel breakfast room to discuss potential video museum visit to include an international video installation exhibition.


Bonn – 11.00am

Caught train to Bonn Hauptbahnhopf and walked some distance across the park near to Bonn University. Caught tube to KunstMuseum Bonn to attend ‘Rage against the Machine’ lecture. This was a current installation video performance discussion. Dark net, bit coins were used by one of the artists to purchase items from unknown sources. These items were displayed at this museum. The artist explained that the aesthetics of the art remains in the concept and is not to prove any social activist intentions.


Bonn – 2.00pm

Met Tom and two HHEK European project leaders to discuss our European ‘Similar’ project practicalities.


Cologne – 3.00pm

Free time before the flight.. Scott and Foxy visited Koln (Cologne) Dom. This is a very large cathedral next to central station, Koln. Met, at Gaffel restaurant, local people. They explained that today it is Bayern Munich v FC Cologne football match and that is the reason that the pubs are filling up rapidly. Met a friendly metal band who were interested in SpringboardTV and our reasons for being in Bonn and Koln. They were playing at a rock festival around an hour away from Cologne on Sat 28th.


We are about to board the plane returning home knowing that students will return to Germany to experience a hospitable, well organised and creative country.

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Springboard TV Project Manager

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