Almost a week… but not quite

So we are halfway through our first week here in Germany.

And it’s been a case of learning the German ways of life and how to deal with spilling a bottle of cold Latte to-go all over your brand new outfit on the train, on the way to a Carnival.

Fan bloody tastic.

Good job everyone was intoxicated by 8am, much less of a humiliating situation.

I blame the early mornings, they are definitely starting to take their toll. Nowadays getting up at 8am for College in England actually sounds like a dose of heaven.

I still haven’t confessed that I hate trains yet either, despite taking AT LEAST 5 a day.

Hell is real.

All negatives aside Germany is still bloody brilliant. The dirty burger I consumed at Uni Burger yesterday felt like Brad Pitt in my mouth.

And I don’t know what the Germans do different to Baristas in England but their Latte’s and Hot Chocolates are out of this world.

Taste even better when the guy serving you speaks in German, you respond with

“Ich spreche kein Deutsch”

And he suddenly whacks out this cockney accent

“ALRIGHT DARLINN, I just bladdy love it when I get people asking me to speak English. Reminds me of being back home”

I later found out he moved from Kent to Australia, met an Australian bird in a bush (don’t ask) and hey presto he ended up working in Starbucks in Bonn.

Small world. 

The Carnival in Cologne was great yesterday though. I mean it’s not every day you see a bloke dressed up as a hospital patient with a fag in his mouth, 2 beers in one hand and holding his… having a wee with the other hand.

But it was definitely an unreal experience. The apparent excitement every time a song is played in German is so amusing to watch. I’ve never met a population of such noisy people.

Feels just like I’m back at home and Mum’s screaming for me to come and do my dishes or clean the windows or something.

One thing I have noticed is how lovely and friendly every one is, first time I met a lot of my friends’ friends yesterday and they were so concerned as to my well being and whether I was behind them. All we got all day was.

“English people where are you?! This way!”

It’s great being so looked after, back at home all I get is

“Jamie are you staying out tonight?”

“No, Mum”

“Oh why not? Can you not just stay somewhere else?”

“Okay Mum I’ll sort something out see you in like 4 days”

All jokes aside (apart from the bit about Mum, I did genuinely try ringing her about 8 times the other day and got a text back saying ‘I’m sleeping.’” The Germans really do want us to enjoy our stay here and cater for us all so well!

And cook REALLY good food.

Yesterday afternoon me and the English guys went for a wonder round Bonn City and it was really nice to all explore together and find some good food places and places to chill too.

This morning we are back at base (HHEK) and working hard on the dialogue for the short film we are working on and I must say we are each doing our own parts for it- equally shared and it is coming along very nicely!

We have a meeting with the Germans working alongside us very shortly and it will be about updating each other on the progress and us trying to speak bad German and them trying and succeeding a little better at their English attempt.

At least the lady in the cafeteria knows I’m a regular for a Latte Machiatto now and I don’t have to attempt to pronounce it.

I will leave you with an image of me covered in cold coffee, almost crying and trying to sing along to the German music, despite only knowing the word


Auf Wiedersehen


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