A visit from Foxy

Monday morning and we are all back at base. And we received  a visit from the man himself- James Fox.

It was great to see a familiar, friendly and reassuring face, a bit of refreshment was needed after our first week settling in and James’ visit did just the trick. Any questions we had to ask and any queries with the work we are completing whilst we are out here were sorted.

He came in to our first lesson and we all had a little catch up, with him asking how we were finding our first week, how the treatment was going and him updating us on how the students back in England were getting on with their side of the work- i.e. music for the film etc.

The first lesson of the day was drawing classes- the idea of this was to get creative and put our imagination to paper and decide what and how we wanted the characters to look for our short film. Along with the German students we all put our creative pieces together up on the board and as a group we decided between all the work on how we decided the looks of each character would be.

We took the art back to our designated room and put it all together with our notes and treatment- and shook up the images and decided just how each character will be portrayed in the short film.

An even longer and more in depth catch up with Foxy came after some breakfast the German teachers had prepared for us kindly. We talked him through the whole of the short film, with him taking lots of notes to take back to the College and to update the students there.

Roles for the short film were designated and the schedule for the next 3 weeks was determined.

My personal role be liaising with Josh and Matt, as producer, through the treatment and deciding on locations to shoot both in Germany and England. Then what will happen is going to location and risk assessing everything as it will be the last chance anybody will get to visit location in this country until February when the next group of students arrive to film.

Lunch was organised between us students and all English and German teachers /coordinators in the afternoon, and then a return to base as we wrapped up the day visit from Foxy and he made sure we were perfectly clear on where we needed to be in 3 weeks time.

Not forgetting to mention he made sure we all know how proud of us he was of how far and how hard we have worked already on this project, and that we really are doing a great job! A fantastic confidence boost to start off the next 3 weeks and it definitely really inspired us to aim high and achieve higher!

Thank you Foxy!!!


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