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Germany 2016 (17th-23rd)

Welcome to this really overdue and not super indepth blogpost for the 17th to the 23rd! As the third Wednesday rolled up, we were unable to do any productive work, with people forgetting/ being unable to turn up. So myself (Callum) Josh, and Karolina brainstormed a few ideas for shots...
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The party must end

This post continues on from Karolina’s blog entry…. As the title suggests the party must end eventually, this is very apt as the annual celebration of Carnival came to a close being the end of a very long weekend that was both exciting for everyone in this area of Germany...
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Germany 2016 (1-9)

Our first day at school was on the 2nd of February. We met the German students that we would be working with. Their names are – Katrin, Julie, Jessica, Fabian, and Jacqueline. We discussed the roles that each member may want to take. Fabian decided he wanted to be on...
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A visit from Foxy

Monday morning and we are all back at base. And we received  a visit from the man himself- James Fox. It was great to see a familiar, friendly and reassuring face, a bit of refreshment was needed after our first week settling in and James’ visit did just the trick....
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Almost a week… but not quite

So we are halfway through our first week here in Germany. And it’s been a case of learning the German ways of life and how to deal with spilling a bottle of cold Latte to-go all over your brand new outfit on the train, on the way to a Carnival....
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