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Springboard TV

Springboard TV is a online television channel and production facility based at the College Of West Anglia

Staffed by dedicated media professionals and crewed by media students. Springboard TV was launched to give a voice to students of the College of West Anglia and a platform to showcase their work. The wider community also plays a big part as Springboard TV looks to involve itself with as many local initiatives as possible.

All the work you see on the channel has been created by students. The subjects and genres covered are wide and diverse; some pieces have been produced on the back of their academic studies, whereas some are the result of their own passions and their personal need to tell a story. Others featured are direct commissions from the wider community and local businesses.

Springboard’s aim is to become an established feature in college life and within the community. To build an audience and increase diversity of content and the diversity of involvement from the community.

If  you need a video to enhance your business or website then why not call the Springboard TV office and find out what we can do for you.

We are currently looking for sponsors and partners for the channel so once again get in touch to discuss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Who are we?

A. Springboard TV is a fully functional production company and internet TV channel run from within the College of West Anglia.  The team has a wealth of collective experience within the TV and film industry and this is used to produce professional content for both internal and external clients.  Springboard TV are able to work alongside the media, film and TV production courses at the college to ensure students have access to industry experience and are able to develop their skills by working with Springboard TV.  Because Springboard TV is run as a separate company from the College, we generate our own income, so are always on the lookout for local businesses and partners to work with.

Q. What do we do?

A. We provide professional solutions to people’s media needs without the London price tag.  We have top of the range, broadcast quality HD cameras, with cutting edge technology and equipment to create whatever it is your video needs.  Let us know what you want us to provide for you and we will give you very competitive quote.

Q. Why do we do it?

A. Springboard TV’s online TV channels give students an immediate outlet for the work that they create on their course.  As well as creating content for local organisations and businesses, we want to ensure that we involve the media students in our productions, providing them with valuable industry experience to help them in their next step in their careers.


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