Heritage Channel

The Heritage Channel aims to raise awareness of the rich history behind some of the local community’s most important legends and landmarks.

Sport Channel

This channel serves as a platform to broadcast the wide range of sporting clubs, activities and events that the local area plays host to.

Springboard TV are on hand to cover your event, promote your club and facilities and support sport within the local area.


Live Streaming Channel

The New Live Streaming Channel is an innovative new platform that combines live event coverage with real-time photos, text, and video clip updates posted using web browsers or mobile devices. The technology supports live blogging, live and on-demand video powered by Akamai HDNet, and real-time posting tools.

Comedy Channel

Watch funny videos from new talent, plus loads of comedy clips from students past and present.

Two aerials get married. The ceremony was rubbish – but the reception was brilliant.

(Tim Vine).


Advanced Channel

The Advanced Channel is a Channel dedicated to the “A” Level courses and students at the College of West Anglia.

Go Team Springboard TV.


Experimental Channel

Known to some as “avant-garde” and to others as “underground”, there is a distinct genre of film known as “experimental” that exists solely to further and explore the process of filmmaking.

Usually made by artists who operate outside of the commercial mainstream, experimental films are usually made cheaply with very low budgets.

Award Winners Channel

The Award Winners Channel is a celebration of the hard work done by students and staff at the College of West Anglia.

If you or someone you know have won an award or created video content that should be seen by others, let the Springboard TV team know and they will be happy to include it on the platform.

News Channel

Visit The Springboard TV News Channel for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, video, audio and feature stories.

Springboard TV News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives.

Entertainment, business, science, technology and health news all in one place.

Euro Channel

The Euro Channel is the repository of all the media created during the many stages of our joint venture projects. Springboard TV’s videos are available to watch for FREE, worldwide, with no Geo / IP restrictions.

Springboard TV has an integrated multi language content translator (text only).



Film Channel

The home of Film on Springboard TV – see the latest student films, interviews, clips and trailers.

There are hours of video to choose from, you can watch what you want, when you want on Springboard TV’s FREE On demand service.

We’re adding new movies frequently.

Music Channel

The Music Channel is Springboard TV’s very own MTV.

The purpose of the Music Channel is to show original music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Springboard TV’s video-on-demand website.

Visual Arts Channel

Visual Arts is a channel where students can explore their creativity.

The students at the College of West Anglia are encouraged to develop all aspects of learning.

Documentary Channel

The Documentary Channel is a place for students to show factual based programmes on the Springboard TV platform.

Every year our BTEC level 2, BTEC level 3 and A-level Media students produce non-fiction, corporate and community led films as part of the curriculum.

Showreel Channel

The Showreel Channel is a channel created for the media sudents at the College of West Anglia to show off the work made here at Springboard TV.

The Showreel Channel is a safe and reliable platform dedicated to the work of students past and present.


Alumni Channel

The Alumni Channel is a platform for videos that students have gone on to make after working with Springboard TV. 

If you are an ex-student and would like your current work displayed here, let us know!